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Arcway Tech Structures is a leading specialist in the design, manufacture and construction of custom made engineered Tensile Structures. Our Tensile Structures solutions cover a range of sectors including sports, aviation, military, ports, storage, emergency relief, energy and environmental.

Arcway Tech Structures is one of the world's leading tensile structure manufacturing company. Based in the INDIA, the firm provides a specialist design and construction services world-wide.

  • Arcway Tech Structures provides a complete design, fabric engineering, manufacture and installation package for a wide variety of interior and exterior, permanent or temporary tensile fabric structures.
  • Over twenty years of experience provides an in-depth knowledge of the creative potential of fabric architecture.
  • We have extensive design expertise, a sensible management team, a reliable production crew and very experienced installers.
  • Our small but flexible company aims to provide a smooth and trouble-free process, so that your tensile fabric structure is of the perfect design, produced on time and, perhaps most importantly, to budget.
  • We offer a wide range of durable and highly functional canopies, awnings, domes, roller blind, pool side furniture, roller window blinds and others which are fabricated using superior quality raw material steel, PVC, wood, poly carbonated sheets, compact sheets, embossed sheets, multi wall sheets, corrugated sheets and fiber glass that are sourced from reliable vendors. Our all encompassing range includes tensile structure, awning and canopies, walkways coverings and domes, automatic faucet dispenser, pool side furniture, and roller blind.
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Who We Are

With a stated vision to "Become the number one tensile fabric structure company in India." Arcway Tech Structures is already recognized as a global ground-breaker in the design and construction of tensile fabric architecture.

At Arcway Tech Structures, we inspired by you by understanding your needs and desires. We're here to deliver innovation that matters to you, to your businesses, to your hospitals and to your families.

Arcway Tech Structures is a multi-disciplinary organisation that provides turnkey skills throughout the construction sequence - from concept design sketches through to final installation. We offers bespoke design and build solutions for the creation of tensile structures including pre-designed and engineered "off the shelf" fabric structures. It also specialises in staging and exhibition work.

Quality Assurance

We follow customer-oriented approach and provide the best available quality in the market. By following strict quality control procedures and measures in all our business activities, we manufacture and ensure international quality in our finished products and services. Our quality control unit follows very strict quality controls and testing techniques to maintain the enduring finish and unmatched quality in our entire service range. Our highly skilled professionals supervise minutely and thoroughly each and every step right from the initial stages of sourcing quality material till the dispatch of final product to ensure flawless quality. Owing to our quality conscious approach, we have been able to receive huge business opportunities from our clients across the country.

Why Use Tensile?

Tensile fabric structures are really popular because of the cost cutting they provide, the easy and quick installation method, the long lifetime and the natural feeling they create. These reasons make these structures preferable over traditional options.

  • Durability: The basecloth and the protective coatings on it makes these fabric structures very durable. You can easily expect a lifetime of two to three decades. These fabrics are fire resistant, cleans by itself, absorbs UV radiation, reflects heat away and maintain its colour even after years of use. Tensile structures are known to hold its own shape for a long time.
  • Sustainable Design: The fabric and supportive structure needed to cover a large area is minimum. Moreover, these fabrics are recyclable so these structures feature a sustainable design.
  • Low construction cost: As the supporting structure required is minimum and also easy to set up, the total cost of covering a large space using tensile fabric structure is very low as well. The framework takes less time to set up as well, compared to other traditional means.
  • Less Time Consuming: As the fabrics come prefabricated, there is no need of engineering on site. The installation process, the safety precautions, all come ready with the material and the construction work can begin as soon as the material arrives.
  • Removable: As these structures are often used for temporary solutions, they can be taken off easily and can be taken away to another place. Use it whenever and wherever it is needed.
  • Low Transportation cost: the supporting structures are lightweight so when you carry these lightweight components to your place they can be put on a small or medium sized carrier and can be transported for a low cost. The low carrying cost of the fabric, the framework and the time also adds to direct cost cutting.
  • Natural light: Tensile fabric structures can be put up with transparent membranes which allow plenty of natural light to flow in. This creates an open air feeling. As these membranes can absorb the heat, the temperature under these structures also stay less. The coatings on these fibres absorb the UV radiation of the sun

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